Kylie's Real Story: TASER Pulse+

Kylie's Real Story: TASER Pulse+

Being prepared in a self-defense situation can make the difference between a safe getaway or an unthinkable outcome. We can't stress enough the importance of preparation and practice, and our user stories demonstrate how TASER devices allowed a safe escape from a scary situation. 

Here’s a real-world story submitted to us from Kylie R., who was able to make a safe escape using a TASER Pulse+.

My husband purchased this [Pulse+ device] for me after a scary encounter one evening with my daughter at the park. We live in a pro 2nd state and we both usually carry. But my [sic] husband fights with "demons" from having shot an intruder at 2AM in our living room. The intruder passed away and my husband has struggled with it ever since. He is so persistent in letting me know he never wants me to feel [sic] that pain, and wanted to make sure I could easily protect myself and our daughter if something were to happen.
I’m here to tell you that day did happen, someone attempted to use a knife to rob me and take my car in a parking garage. I was able to pull and discharge the [TASER Pulse+] before the robber even knew what hit him. I dropped the TASER [device]as recommended and got my daughter and myself in the vehicle and got out of there. [TASER Self-Defense] stood by their guarantee and promptly replaced the product, I received a notification and a phone call within seconds making sure I was ok.

As a Mom, Wife, Daughter and Friend, I can confidently say that every law abiding person should have this available. The RED laser beam and the threat of [a TASER device] is probably enough to stop most situations from going any further. Ladies, if your ever put in a situation where you feel you need to discharge the TASER [device].... do just that, listen to your instincts. Also, utilize the target and get yourself comfortable with pulling, locating the RED dot and discharging this device.

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