Women Deserve to Live Without Fear

Women Deserve to Live Without Fear

March is Women’s History Month. And despite Lean In and #MeToo and more attention to violence and harassment against women than ever before, we still live in a time when women can’t go about their daily lives without looking over their shoulder.

Women deserve to live without fear


We asked some of our own friends about their experiences being out and about as a woman on their own. Their stories probably sound familiar.

“When I go to my car and see a van or SUV parked next to it, I’ll go shop for a while longer until it’s gone.” – Alexis C.

“Walking to my car when I stay late at work is always scary for me.” – Jacqueline M.

“I pretend to be on the phone with my ‘boyfriend’.” – Sara A.

“I stopped running by myself because I feel too vulnerable.” – Michelle S.

“A car pulled up to the curb next to me and a friend as we were walking down the sidewalk, and the driver tried to pull me into his car.” - Sarah D.

“I was followed home from the bar.” - Amanda C.

“Riding my bike home from school one day there was a man in the bushes staring at me as I passed. I have never pedaled so fast.” – Allie P.

Thousands of women have thousands of stories just like these. A survey by Runner’s World delivered some sadly unsurprising results:

  • 68% of women reported being harassed in public spaces like streets, trails, and parks
  • 67% of women said they were at least sometimes concerned they would be physically assaulted while running
  • 16% said that they have felt threatened enough while running that they feared for their lives

You do what you can to stay safe. Take a different route. Avoid certain streets. Only go out in the daytime. It’s a reality that unfortunately won’t change soon.

But, you can turn the tables on reality and take control of the situation.

At TASER Self-Defense, we choose to celebrate your strength, perseverance and fierce refusal to give in. Our company’s mission has always been about empowering people to take control in the face of fear and danger. We believe in creating a safer world with less worry and more living. It’s why we created self-defense technology like the StrikeLight and StrikeLight Pet Pack to be portable and multifunctional, And, it’s why we made our TASER Pulse+ small, light and able to contact police upon discharge—so you can bring strength and confidence with you wherever you go.

Our promise, our commitment to anyone who has ever felt unsafe while simply living their lives is this: we can’t change the circumstance, but we will work tirelessly to change the odds in your favor.

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