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TASER 101 Training

Hands-on training and basic operation. Get to know your TASER device, how it works and how to use.

TASER 101 Training + Cartridges

Basic operation and hands-on training, plus two cartridges to practice fire during class.

TASER Private Security Training

For security professionals using TASER Devices, learn basic operation, training and tips to safely protect.

Why Choose a Local Trainer?

Certified & Experienced

Our licensed TASER instructors are recertified every two years, so you know trainers are up-to-date on the latest technology and safety trends.

Hands-On Training

Get personalized one-on-one coaching designed to give you the skills and confidence to safely deploy your TASER device.

Expert Guidance

TASER trainers are safety subject matter experts. They have practical knowledge and an understanding of real-life scenarios.

TASER Training Certification

Interested in Becoming a Trainer?

Attend a TASER Civilian Trainer Course to teach TASER-approved civillian courses.

Certified By TASER
Trainers You Can Trust

Our network of licensed TASER trainers spans the country. Whether on the coasts or in the heartland, you can connect with a certified expert trainer within driving distance.

∙ Law enforcement and firearm instructors
∙ Recertified every two years
∙ Up-to-date on latest tech and safety trends

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