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Bolt 2
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Bolt 2

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The TASER Bolt 2 energy weapon is the newest civilian self-defense device from public safety’s most trusted partner. Don’t let the discreet look fool you – the Bolt 2 can help you establish up to 15 feet of safety and up to 30 seconds of full lockup on an attacker. When paired with the Axon Protect app, it can alert emergency dispatch when your device is fired. Plus it comes with our Safe Escape Replacement Guarantee. This is the next generation of self-defense.

- Bolt 2 Device
- Wrist Strap
- 2 Live Cartridges
- 2 CR123 Batteries (Installed)
- Cover Leash
- Practice Target

discreet safety on-the-go
Stay safe with Bolt 2

Featuring a discreet form factor, the Bolt 2 provides rapid 911 dispatch with the Axon Protect app.

Core Features
Keep danger at a distance.

Developed by public safety’s most trusted partner, the TASER Bolt 2 provides the latest in self-defense with a discreet, carry-friendly form factor.

Safety From a Distance

The 15-foot range keeps safe space between you and danger. Plus contact stun for close encounters.

Full Muscle Lock-Up

Immobilizes an attacker for up to 30 seconds, allowing you precious moments to reach safety.

Discreet Design

Non-lethal protection packaged in a compact shape that is distinct from a firearm or handgun.

Safe Escape Replacement*

Leave your device and find safety! We’ll replace it free of charge if fired in self-defense. Guaranteed.

More confidence. Fewer consequences.


The most advanced form of self-defense.

From the leader in non-lethal protection.

Distinct Form Factor

Safety Cap

Textured Grip

Safety Switch & Firing Button

15' Effective Range

Replaceable Batteries

Tech Specs


High Impact Polymer


- 4° F to 122° F [-20° C to 50° C]


4 Feet


85% Relative, Non-condensing


Red Class 2


210 Lumen Light Emitting Diode (LED)


1 Year from Date of Receipt

Service Life

5 Years (Recommended)


6.5" l x 1.6" w x 2.4" h

Battery Type

Replaceable CR123 Lithium Batteries


8.4 oz

Upgraded Protection

Axon Protect

The Axon Protect app adds an extra layer of security on the go, providing backup at the touch of a button or when the TASER Bolt 2 is fired.

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