Legal in 49 States

Whether TASER devices are legal to own or restrictions are in place is dependent on your state’s local laws.* Select your state below to get started.

*This information should not be construed as legal advice and is offered for information purposes only. Axon strongly recommends that you consult with the state and local laws in your state for up-to-date information regarding the legality of TASER devices in your area.


Please be aware that local laws and regulations require training at time of device purchase. Therefore, TASER devices must be purchased from an authorized TASER dealer or TASER trainer. Find your local dealer or trainer here.

Any background check showing felonies, violent crimes or sex related offenses in the past 10 years, and misdemeanors involving violent crimes or sex related offenses in the past 5 years, will result in an automatic background check fail.


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