TASER was founded in 1993 with an entrepreneurial spirit and a single objective: to make the world a little safer. Since then we've saved countless lives and have become the industry-standard in self-defense and the trusted choice of first-responders, the military and consumers alike.

SMALL BEGINNINGS It Began in a Garage

Just two brothers and an inventor fueled by the desire to make the world a safer place. Then we grew, with hard work and that same drive, into an expansive technology company that delivers life-saving technology for self-defense and public safety.

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OUR DRIVING FORCE Protect What Matters

Today, the TASER Self-Defense team is as passionate about saving lives as ever before. We aim for a world with fewer assaults, less violence, and less worry. One that's safer, bolder. Where anyone can live their life fearlessly. And we're dedicated to creating technology that can get us there.

A BETTER FUTURE Protection with Fewer Consequences

We believe the world is full of good people and hope that you will never need to fire one of our devices under duress. However, we also believe that carrying one of our less-lethal solutions is the most convenient way to protect yourself and your loved ones with less worry and more confidence. 

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