TASER Self-Defense Texas State Requirements

Carry in Texas

Whether at home, going to work or exploring Texas’s countless natural and urban locations; do so without becoming a statistic of rising crime. TASER devices are perfect for students, the elderly, and gun owners who want dependable self protection with fewer consequences.

TASER Ownership Quick Guide

Owning and Carrying in the Lone Star State

18 years old is the minimum age to purchase in Texas.

Background checks are not required.

Concealed carry is allowed with no permit required.

Allowed on most flights in checked baggage with the battery removed. Confirm with your airline and the TSA site before traveling.

Carrying within grocery stores and private businesses is allowed unless otherwise posted by owner.

Carrying within state and local government buildings is allowed with a concealed handgun carry permit.

Anyone convicted of a felony assault is restricted from use.

For the most up-to-date information, see Texas law and regulations.
Visit Texas.gov

All legal information presented should not be construed as legal advice and is offered for information purposes only. Axon strongly recommends that you consult with the state and local laws in your state for up-to-date information regarding the legality of TASER devices in your area.

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