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The TASER Bolt/C2 devices are no longer supported through the RMA process. For any questions, please reach out to

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the TASER Pulse and the TASER Bolt?

The TASER Pulse and the TASER Bolt both have the same incapacitating effectiveness and only differ in form factor. The TASER Pulse is shaped like a sub compact pistol, and designed for concealed carry. The TASER Bolt is sleeker, less visually threatening, and designed for off-body carry in purses, briefcases, etc.

Is the TASER Bolt rechargeable?

No. However, the batteries are user replaceable and provide enough energy for many uses.

Are the cartridges reusable?

Each cartridge can only be fired once but can deliver multiple electrical cycles. That means that while the darts can only be projected at a target once, as long as the darts remain in the target after the initial 30-second electrical cycle, subsequent electrical cycles can be engaged.

Can I buy cartridges longer than 15 feet?

No. Civilians may only purchase 15-foot cartridges. Only Law Enforcement agencies can buy cartridges of other lengths.

After the cartridge is fired, are you completely defenseless?

All TASER energy weapons are equipped with back-up stun gun features to be used after the cartridge has been deployed.

Do the probes need to hit a specific area to be effective?

As long as all conditions for NMI are met (including probe connection and probe spread), a current can flow through muscles and the attacker can lose control of said muscles.

Will a TASER Bolt be effective on an attacker in thick clothing?

The darts can penetrate clothing and the electricity can also jump up to two inches of combined distances between the probes and the skin.

Will a TASER Bolt incapacitation effects work on larger, stronger people?

A TASER CEW may work just as well on a 300-pound man as they will on a 150-pound woman.

Will a TASER Bolt work on an attacker who is high or intoxicated?

As probe connection and probe spread are the primary conditions for NMI, a probe deployment's ability to induce NMI does not depend on the target's mental state.

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