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The TASER Pulse+ device is being retired as of April 8th, 2022. The Pulse+ has been a valued product since 2018, and this end of life decision was made as part of our on-going product lifecycle management process. As TASER device technology continues to evolve, first generation products eventually reach the end of their useful life and components become increasingly harder to source, making support for these products no longer feasible. We will still offer the TASER Pulse and the TASER Bolt 2 as suggested replacements.

The Safe Escape Product Replacement Guarantee will still be available for the life of the device, and TASER Pulse+ cartridges will continue to be sold at Service warranties will continue to be honored for 365 days after the product shipping date.

We understand how integral our products are to providing you safe and effective personal protection, and we’re committed to helping customers transition to our latest technology products quickly and with ease. To discuss the best options, please contact us at

Quick Start

Pulse+ Parts and Functions

How's your TASER Pulse+ vocabulary? Watch for an overview of the different parts and functions of the Pulse+.

Install and Change a Battery

Senior Trainer Sara demonstrates how to change the batteries in the TASER Pulse+ device.

Inserting a Cartridge

Follow along in this demonstration of how to insert a TASER Pulse+ cartridge.

Do More with Your Device

Spark Test

TASER Pulse+ owners should perform a Spark Test regularly on their device to check for battery and device health.

Target Practice

Senior Trainer Sara explains how to target practice with a TASER Pulse+.

Types of Holsters

Learn about the different types of holsters to safely carry your TASER pulse+ device.

Taser Pulse Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TASER Pulse+ rechargeable?

No. However, the batteries are user replaceable and provide enough energy for many uses.

How do I set up/change my Pulse+ battery?

The Pulse+ uses two replaceable CR123 batteries, found in most places batteries are sold. Watch our Senior Trainer Sara replace Pulse+ Batteries here . If your battery housing is malfunctioning, fill out the RMA form in our Help section for to begin the repair process.

Are the cartridges reusable?

Each cartridge can only be fired once but can deliver multiple electrical cycles. That means that while the darts can only be projected at a target once, as long as the darts remain in the target after the initial 30-second electrical cycle, subsequent electrical cycles can be engaged.

Can I buy cartridges longer than 15 feet?

No. Civilians may only purchase 15-foot cartridges. Only Law Enforcement agencies can buy cartridges of other lengths.

After the cartridge is fired, are you completely defenseless?

All TASER energy weapons are equipped with back-up stun gun features to be used after the cartridge has been deployed.

Do the probes need to hit a specific area to be effective?

As long as all conditions for NMI are met (including probe connection and probe spread), a current can flow through muscles and the attacker can lose control of said muscles.

Will a TASER Pulse+ be effective on an attacker in thick clothing?

The darts can penetrate clothing and the electricity can also jump up to two inches of combined distances between the probes and the skin.

Will a TASER Pulse+ incapacitation effects work on larger, stronger people?

A TASER energy weapon may work just as well on a 300-pound man as they will on a 150-pound woman.

Will a TASER Pulse+ work on an attacker who is high or intoxicated?

As probe connection and probe spread are the primary conditions for NMI, a probe deployment's ability to induce NMI does not depend on the target's mental state.

What is Noonlight?

Noonlight is an app and connected safety platform on a mission to protect and comfort people so they can live freely–connecting its users and their smart devices to advanced emergency response. Backed by real, caring dispatchers, Noonlight will send emergency services (police, fire, or emergency medical services) when you manually trigger an alarm using the Noonlight app, or when one of your connected devices detects an emergency (car accident, heavy smoke or CO, break-in, and more). Additionally, Noonlight will share vital information from your profile directly with first responders to ensure you get the right help, right away. For help setting up Noonlight go here.

Does the Noonlight Service cost anything?

No. The Noonlight app with emergency dispatch service is currently free for all owners of the TASER Pulse+.

Is the Noonlight Service available everywhere in the United States?

Noonlight’s service is available to residents of the contiguous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. For more details, please refer to Noonlight’s own terms here.

Does Noonlight work in areas where there is no cellular service?

Some features of Noonlight may not work in areas outside the wireless service coverage area for the phone that the Noonlight app is installed on. Please refer to Noonlights Terms of Service for more information.

What if I fire my Pulse+ on accident with the Noonlight app?

No problem. Simply cancel by responding with your 4-digit Noonlight PIN when contacted via text or call from a Noonlight dispatcher. You can also cancel your alarm by entering your 4-digit Noonlight PIN inside the Noonlight app. We’re never upset about a false alarm because it means you’re safe.

Do I need to keep the Noonlight app open for my Pulse+ connection to work?

No. Once paired and Emergency Response is toggled “On”, your TASER Pulse+ is monitored 24/7–even if your Noonlight app is closed. However, please be sure your Pulse+ is within connection range of your phone (usually ~30 meters) to ensure you’re always protected. Users may also have to configure privacy settings to allow Noonlight to monitor the Pulse+.

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