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StrikeLight 2 Overview

TASER Self-Defense Civilian Instructor Robin Churn tells you everything you need to know about the StrikeLight 2.

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TASER StrikeLight 2

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The StrikeLight 2 is a contact stun device only.

A StrikeLight 2 only works on pain compliance. An attacker may very well recoil from the pain induced but the attacker's muscles will not lock up.

The StrikeLight 2 has 3 light modes: designed for personal safety:

-Red Light: discreet and ideal for preserving night vision
-Low Light: 150 lumens perfect for normal use
-High Light: 700 lumens to disorient potential threats

The StrikeLight 2 has a rechargeable battery with a standard USB-C universal charging cable.

The StrikeLight 2 will take ± 2 hours to completely charge. May vary depending on battery level.