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TASER Self-Defense Civilian Instructor Robin Churn tells you everything you need to know about the StrikeLight 2.

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Taser StrikeLight 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Does the StrikeLight 2 fire cartridges?

No. The StrikeLight 2 is a contact stun device only.

Does the StrikeLight 2 incapacitate an attacker with NMI?

A StrikeLight 2 only works on pain compliance. An attacker may very well recoil from the pain induced but the attacker's muscles will not lock up.

How many lumens does the StrikeLight have?

The StrikeLight 2 has 3 light modes designed for personal safety:

  • Red Light: discreet and ideal for preserving night vision
  • Low Light: 150 lumens perfect for normal use
  • High Light: 700 lumens to disorient potential threats

Is the StrikeLight 2 rechargeable?

The StrikeLight 2 has a rechargeable battery with a standard USB-C universal charging cable.

How long does the StrikeLight 2 take to charge?

The StrikeLight 2 will take ± 2 hours to completely charge. May vary depending on battery level.

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